Ancestor Piratas

ANCESTOR PIRATAS is the solo electronic-cumbia-punk project of Peruvian musician and visual artist Renzo Ortega. He began his music career in the underground music scene of his native Lima-Perú, performing with the pioneer electronic duo “Cuerpos del Deseo” (1990-1991). In 2000 he emigrated to the United States, he lived in New York for over sixteen years, later in the fall of 2016 he relocated to Carrboro, NC. Renzo has been performing and recording music for over 25 years, playing both political and love songs in different venues including museums and D.I.Y. art spaces in Lima, New York, Texas, Chicago, Detroit, North Carolina, Berlin, and México City. Renzo’s New York bands are R-Tronika (cumbia-punk) and Dias Azules (punk rock). As Ancestor Piratas he performs selected tracks of his music catalog.

He lives and works in Carrboro, NC.